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Driver Training

Customer testimonials

"Thanks for the help and support in helping me to gain my Class 2. Just when you thought you had peace and quiet,i'll be back for my Class 1. Many Thanks" - Pearl

"A massive thank you for the time and trouble but more importantly your patience during my course to get me through my test. You both gave me the confidence I knew I had deep down to be a competent driver and I am very glad to say I start a full time job on monday. Bacause of your teachings I can now provide a secure financial future for my family" - Baz

An ode to LGV Learners: "Out to teach are Phil and Jane, so grin and bare the endless pain. All the nightmares suffer do we, so Stafford again he says to me. A nodding dog you are to learn, mirror mirror at every turn. Bump and grind on endless roads, just to learn all the codes. At the end of the day, whichever class, all they want is for you to pass......" - Bev

"Many Thanks for your excellent tuition and help. All the best for the future" - Rich

"Thanks for getting me through my LGV upto now a wheelbarrow is the largest thing I've driven" - Andy

" Phil, Thanks for getting me through my H.G.V, you see I was listening to you all the time (mirrors, down a gear, mirrors, check your side road, mirrors) p.s. worst 4 days of my life but well worth it Thanks a lot" - Dave

"Many thanks for getting me through both of my driving tests first time" - Rich

"Just to say a big thank you to you all for all your help and support on my training" - Sarah